Live Audio to CD recording

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Thu Aug 2 05:43:19 UTC 2007

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>Joris Dobbelsteen wrote:
>> * At this point I'm doing a "brec <audio card> | cdrecord -audio 
>> <cdrw> -" (sort of). I think I can fit in "tee" to split of 
>the audio 
>> to a file. Is there any better way to perform these steps?
>> I would like to wait several minutes before actually 
>starting to burn 
>> the audio, making it more resistent against human mistakes (start 
>> quickly followed by stop).
>You can find the package buffer in the repos. Put the program 
>buffer in your command pipeline like this:
>brec <audio card> | buffer | cdrecord -audio <cdrw> -
>I used it for playing music on my old 180MHz machine to avoid 
>dropouts when there was heavy load from other programs.

Mmm, I could try these things, but I'm uncertain. The box is dedicated
solely to audio recording, no other task will be running on it. Is there
any way to measure buffer _overruns_?

Buffer underruns are no problems and are in fact desired in my
situation, but not yours. Cdrecord and the cdrw will handle these
correctly (they are selected to support that). I think underruns are
indeed a problem with playing.

>Another option might be an increased buffer size for cdrecord.

I believe I already did this. The buffer is a few MB and I cannot fill
it even in 30 seconds. This was mostly needed to compensate for
cdrecords buildin delay and for it to start writing to CD.

Anyways Thanks for the suggestion...

- Joris

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