Backup across multiple DVD's

Rashkae ubuntu at
Thu Aug 2 03:26:08 UTC 2007

NoOp wrote:
> Anyone have a good utility or advise for performing a system backup
> across multiple DVD's? I've tried simplebackup & K3b but neither of
> those seem to allow backing up to more than one DVD. I have about 30GB
> that I'm trying to save - standard /home /etc directories.
Do you have enough free harddrive space to store a compressed copy of 
your backup set?  I just use tar, split and growisofs (or k3b, if you 


tar -C / -xj home | split -b 2000m - /somewhere/

Then I use regular dvd burning utils to burn the resulting files to 
disc, two files per disc.

It's not as elegant as auto-backup software, but it's very reliable.. I 
don't need any special software to restore if I ever have too, the 
backups are near universal.

Note that if you're backing up /home like this, you'll have to find 
somewhere outside of home to store the backup files, or use tar command 
options to exclude the directory where you put them.

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