Is Feisty's LDAP different?

Brian Fahrlander brian at
Wed Aug 1 20:36:49 UTC 2007

     Under Dapper, with what I hope is the exact same settings, I got 
great performance from all workstations.  Now, with Feisty on this one, 
I wait up to a minute for Feisty's LDAP to do....something...and bring 
up Firefox. Thunderbird, and Gaim.

     The LDAP database has like 20 entries. It's not like a non-indexed 
search of the tree would cover a lot of ground.  I'm on the same hub as 
the server, on 100-base-T connection....about 3 feet away.

     Yeah, I have an index on the "People" sections, as indicated by the 
howtos I followed during the setup.  But I can't help but think some 
default must have changed in Feisty, something that I can't see.  The 
new nss-ldap package (if I'm remembering it correctly) now has all sorts 
of special options, some of which relate to Solaris, some 
ActiveDirectory, and others to Novell; I didn't see them before, but it 
still worked before.

     If you're using LDAP under Feisty, let's compare notes, aye?
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