Has anyone created an image DVD for Gutsy 7.10?

alex aradsky at ne.rr.com
Wed Aug 1 20:11:35 UTC 2007

I've been trying to create an image DVD for ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 but keep 
running into a problem with the iso download being too large to burn 
into a DVD image..   I've downloaded 3 times.

I previously asked about this  ("File too large for DVD" )  and tried 
the suggestions to increase the DVD capacity without success.  They 
'almost' worked but broke off after a few seconds..

I've previously downloaded  other UBUNTUs with an installed ubuntu and 
used the same image burn routines to succesfully create working CDs and 
DVDs.  It's only Gutsy 7.10 DVD that I can't make..

I even tried downloading in Windows XP and burning the image with 
Nero--same result.

Has anyone succesfully created an image DVD for 7.10 Gutsy?  If so, 
what's the secret?


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