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Randal Leavitt randal.leavitt at
Thu Sep 21 16:34:25 UTC 2006

Hi,  I have been using Ubuntu for about three days now.  I have a 
problem with

Add/Remove Applications

I tried to install Flash for the web browser by installing


This did not run through cleanly.  The process asked me twice if I 
accepted the licence for Flash, and ended with this error message:

E: flashplugin-nonfree: subprocess post-installation script returned 
error exit status 1

However, the Flash plugin now seems to be installed.

Later I installed Xaos and Celestria.  From what I can tell both 
installations seem to be OK.  However, in each case I was again asked 
twice if I accepted the Flash licence, and had an error message 
displayed indicating the something went wrong.  The problems introduced 
by the Flash plugin error seem to be persistent.

How do I clear out those lingering problems?

Randal Leavitt - another Ubuntu user

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