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Sat Sep 30 17:53:44 UTC 2006

On Thu, Sep 28, 2006 at 11:45:02AM +0100, cl at wrote:
> I have a motherboard with the JMiicron PATA chipset which isn't
> supported by the Ubuntu install kernel.
> I am thinking that maybe a network install is the way to go.  I can
> boot the Ubuntu install CD-ROM as that gets read by the BIOS.  Can I
> then do the rest of the install from the network with no need to
> access the CD at all?
> I have a router and ADSL so from the installer's point of view the
> whole internet is out there on the NIC connection.
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I did get my system mostly running. I have a core 2 duo with a new intel
DP965LT motherboard. Everything is now running except access to the cdrom drive. Sound works. I did disable the onboard ethernet controller and just
used a pci one that I had because I wasn't sure the internal one would yet work.

I used the mini.iso from here:

This then installed edgy from the internet and it's been working fine for a few days. After edgy is released I'll enable the internal ethernet controller and try that. The updates have worked fine so I'm hoping that there will be a new kernel update in the next few days that will get the cdrom/dvdrom drive running.

Oh yes, I had to change the bios setting for the sata drive to ahci. It was set to IDE.


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