Boot Ubuntu LiveCD from PCMCIA flashdisk

bernstein ulist at
Thu Sep 28 16:29:56 UTC 2006

I want to copy the contents Ubuntu LiveCD to a PCMCIA Flashdisk and boot
from it.

Why? I only have a 1GB CompactFlash Card and a PCMCIA to CF Adapter, my
Notebook only supports booting off PCMCIA or HDD and has no CDDrive. And
i want a full Gnome Desktop not using my HDD(noise) with as little fuss
as possible.

In 'this' ( thread
(posts '100'
( and
people managed to copy the LiveCD to a USB Pendrive and boot from it in
persistent mode. Based on this i then managed to hack the initrd.gz to
boot it from a Compact Flash card in an IDE Adapter. However i was
unable to make it work from a PCMCIA Adapter because :

i need to activate PCMCIA support first... so i included the pcmcia
modules into the initrd.gz and loaded them before mounting the
filesystem on the PCMCIA as root. After may tries i'm out of options...
It simply is unable to find the PCMCIA Drive.... i know it has to be
possible as i am able to access the filesystem PCMCIA Disk from a
installed Ubuntu.

Please does anyone know how to properly set this up??? Probably i'm
missing only a few points. I've really tried to find a solution to this
on my own, searching on the net but there was simply not enough info
(for me) available to make this happen (yet).


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