How to create symlink

Nikolai psalmos at
Thu Sep 28 03:09:14 UTC 2006

Hi umair, just a few answers to *some* of your questions:

>  -  I donot know whether kppp or kate  is installed on mycomputer or
>   not

a quick and dirty way: type kate in your terminal, if it's installed, it
will be launched, if not, it will reply with "kate command not found"
I don't know about kppp, I'm guessing it's a modem congif utility of
some sort

>   - If these editors not installed how to install them?

sudo apt-get kate

>   - how i m going to create file /etc/udev/rules.d/10-local.rules ?

with a text editor like gedit or kate

>   - whether 10-local.rules is file name or folder name ?

in the directory  where your file is located, type ls -l, if the first
letter is d (like in drwxr-xr-x), it's a directory, if - (like in
-rw-r--r--), it's a file

>   - when i creat file using gedit and save it as 10-local.rules in
>   /etc/udev/rules.d a meesage apperas and says you dont have permission

you need root privileges...
launch gedit like this:

sudo gedit /yourdir/yourfile

when asked for a password, type your user's password


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