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John DeCarlo johndecarlo at
Tue Sep 26 18:31:38 UTC 2006

On 9/26/06, fireboxtester <ulist at> wrote:
> Original question is the exact question I'm having today after
> installing freenx server.  I don't want to create a new user for remote
> work because then I wouldn't easily have access to all my files and
> especially my firefox settings.

I don't exactly know if I understand your question, but here goes:

If you look in ~/.mozilla/firefox  directory, you will find
"profiles.ini" which lists the profiles known about.  Each will have a
different set of configuration files.

$ firefox -ProfileManager will start the Profile Manager and allow you
to create new profiles, choose one to execute, etc.

You can then look in profiles.ini and determine which folder is for
which profile.  You can always copy the contents of one profile into
another, so you get all the same bookmarks, settings, preferences,

I used to do some of this and had a dozen profiles out there, mostly
the same, with a few differences.

John DeCarlo, My Views Are My Own

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