firefox openoffice nfs problem

Scott J. Henson shenson at
Tue Sep 26 15:54:54 UTC 2006

Dieter Schicker wrote:
> Hi,
> we also mount the home directories with nfs and authenticate with ldap.
> But we have a different problem: Sometimes gnome looses its panel data
> and the panels are totally empty and unresponsive (e.g. to right mouse
> click events).
> Any ideas?

You should check your ldap servers when this happens.  We
see this problem when we lose an ldap server and the other
two start getting over loaded.  You may find that your ldap
servers are not responding or being slow about it.  Use nscd
to aleviate the problem a little bit.

Scott Henson
LCSEE Systems Staff
WVU MAE Undergraduate
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