Format extended partition?

Dave M DaveM at Mich.Com
Tue Sep 26 15:25:01 UTC 2006

I am a windows user, new to Linux/Ubuntu. My plan is to migrate to Ubuntu 
if I can.

I installed V6.06 and partitioned my 120Gb IDE drive with 8Gb for \ and 2Gb 
for swap. I set the remainder of the space (~101Gb) as an extended partition.

After booting and updating Ubuntu, I tried to access the extended 
partition. It looks like the installer did not format that partition.

So I clicked on "System-Administration-Disks" and selected "Partitions-Free 
Space" which I assume is the extended partition. It shows "Free Space not 
partitioned" and shows 101.39Gb not avalable.

But the buttons "Create" and "Delete" are grayed out. So how do I go about 
formatting the extended partition?

Dave M
Davem (at) Mich (dot) Com
Ann Arbor, Mich. USA

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