ubuntu-users Digest, Vol 25, Issue 265

Alain Muls alain.muls at telenet.be
Tue Sep 26 15:04:28 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 26 September 2006 16:52, ubuntu-users-request at lists.ubuntu.com 
> > On Mon, 25 Sep 2006 05:07:05 +0200, Ulrich Steffens wrote:
> > > i'll ask therfore, cause i played with beagle before and it always
> > > worked as expected after doing all things neccessary.
> >
> > I found out that beagled is crashing - probably always then when it
> > should start indexing.


I have the same problem. I installed kerry and started the beagled daemon. I 
got results, but my latex files were not indexed. Someone on this list told 
me how to add these files and after reindexing, it all worked great. Since 
than, I did not modify the settings, but I no longer have results, not a 
single term (either in *.doc or *.tex) documents. Not even the word "the" can 
be found!

Could this be due to the fact that I suspect that beagled had planted my 
system (it was completely inresponsive except for mouse movements) that made 
do a hard reset at 2 occasions?


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