[Dapper] The hibernation doesnt work on my laptop

Alexandre Touret atouret.nospam at free.fr
Mon Sep 25 11:37:29 UTC 2006

I have installed the last release of Ubuntu on my laptop (ACER Aspire 
5102 WLMI). I have some troubles but I work at this time against 
hibernate problem.
When I start hibernate, it seems to work fine, but when I restart the 
computer I always have a red screen after the boot time...and that s all.
I have no error log on both syslog and messages files.

I put the following configuration in my /boot/grub/menu.lst but I still 
have the same error:

defoptions=quiet splash vga=791 noapic nolapic pci=noacpi resume=/dev/LA PARTITION DE SWAP

Thanks in advance for your help

Alexandre Touret

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