upgrade to breezy 5.10 problems ***Update*** problem fixed

Johnny linuxhamuser at gmail.com
Sat Sep 23 16:23:43 UTC 2006

Mario Vukelic wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-09-22 at 21:10 -0500, Johnny wrote:
>> I did apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, apt-get dist-upgrade
> As a general rule, when upgrading from one release to the other, you
> should never use apt-get upgrade, but always dist-upgrade. apt-get
> upgrade cannot remove packages, which is a vital action during a release
> upgrade.
> Also, it is better to use aptitude instead of apt-get since it is better
> at dependency resolution.
> As a side note, make sure that ubuntu-base and ubuntu-desktop are
> installed, they are required to be during a release upgrade.
>> Running newaliases
>>  * Starting Postfix Mail Transport Agent... postfix/postfix-script: 
>> fatal: the Postfix mail system is already running
>> [fail]
>> invoke-rc.d: initscript postfix, action "start" failed.
>> dpkg: error processing postfix (--configure):
>>  subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1
>> dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of lsb-core:
>>  lsb-core depends on postfix | mail-transport-agent; however:
>>   Package postfix is not configured yet. 
> The dependency problems are follow-up errors, I wouldn't care about them
> right now. The -f action is not needed in this case because the problem
> are not broken dependencies, the problem is that the upgrade of the
> postfix package fails, and this is what needs a solution. In fact this
> is a known problem for 5.04 -> 5.10 upgrades, read the upgrade
> instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BreezyUpgrade
> As said on this page, you could start with reinstalling the package with
> "aptitude reinstall postfix" or, if this does not help, remove it
> completely (aptitude purge postfix; caution, this will delete all
> configuration files of postfix, back them up if you made elaborate
> changes), then install it again.
> Once postfix is installed correctly try aptitude dist-upgrade.
> Post the result here.
> P.S.: In case you want to upgrade further from 5.10 to 6.06, read and
> follow the upgrade instructions here
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DapperUpgrades
> For 5.10 -> 6.06 the recommended upgrade method is to use the Update
> Manager application instead of the command line tools, it does many
> things automatically and its dependency resolution algorithm is
> specifically targeted to this particular release upgrade.
The problems is fixed I just remove postfix in which I don't use it any 
way.  In the near future I did make a note of this and use



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