Kubuntu 6.06 , Firefox. install

Rein A. Smit rein0zn at ix.netcom.com
Fri Sep 22 06:13:34 UTC 2006

    Hi Eberhard,

   Thanks for your comments. I don't want to get
into LInux/Windows discussions. What I really want
is a linux box to do signal processing programs.
Data Acquisition, Image processing etc.

But just preparing a computer to do basic things as
using a dialup modem, a sound card, a browser are a pain
in my opinion at least.

Linux provides these programs in the public domain
and Windows does not.

Kubuntu does not do Firefox "out of the box", at least
what I understand as out of the box. Firefox is
becoming the number 2 used browser on the internet and
will be only growing because of all the games MS is playing.

Indeed Netscape does not come with windows nor does Firefox.
But downloading it will do it and of course the restart of
the computer. It installs itself, with looking for bookmarks
on the computer etc. Same for Firefox.

I went to an official Kubuntu web site to find how to
install the browser in question and it did not work.
That's why I asked the question. I know about the
great advantages of open source software but it is
coming for a price also, time.

Have been on this support site for about 2 weeks and
the number of e-mails I get here has gone from 30 to
over 150 a day mostly Ubuntu related and quite frankly
I prefer to search on the web or in a book and find
solutions there instead of having to ask.


Rein Smit

Eberhard Roloff wrote:

>>Also I thought that Firefox came out of the Linux world so to
>>say. But that appears not to be true.
>>I really like to get a Linux machine that will do all the
>>tricks I want while serving, pdf's, doc's ppt's, sound
>>formats, image formats etc etc. This is what I have with here
>>Netscape7.2 on my windows machines I never have used Explorer
>>on the WEB.
> Great. Linux can do all these things, mostly out of the box,
> sometimes after a bit of install work, just like it is on
> windows. 
> Nevertheless, out of my curiosity: If you are happy with what
> you have, why do you consider to change?
>>Here is the "flame" part. I would think that if Ubuntu is or
>>were such a replacement for XP or even Win98 that I am still
>>using here, these capabilities would be part of Ubuntu or
>>would be easy to add or integrate?
> They are, and just to set the record straight. 
> While you can have all this and much more on Linux, for free, I
> do not recall that win 98 or win XP came with all these features
> preinstalled. Instead, if my memory serves me correctly, most of
> them are options that you need to pay for, seriously.
> With ubuntu you do not pay anything. Instead you get free
> support, e.g. via this mailing list. And you pay with ellbow
> grease and your openness to learn. 
> Again, this is not to
> frighten you, it is very easy and most of it comes right out of
> the box.
>>My computer here, dedicated for Linux, is a P4 with 256 MB at
>>the moment, will get 512 or even 1024. It works fine with
>>Kubuntu, the for free CD installed in 20 minutes or so.
> Not bad, isn't it? ;-))
> regards
> Eberhard
>>Looking forward to your reply.
> Looking forward to get questions from you

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