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On Fri, 22 Sep 2006 17:30:04 +0100
"Rein A. Smit"
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>     Hi Tod,
> Thanks for answering.
> Let me make first some observations.
> I guess, you are right on the Browser. I have been using
> Firefox on all my windows machines and had it also, I believe,
> at one time on a Debian or SuSe10.2 machine. If I remember
> well, it came as part of the installation.

So why do you not use the firefox that came with the installation
of (k)ubuntu?
> I have here some 1600 pages from three Linux books and out of
> those 1600 pages text, there are as much as 5 pages on
> Firefox, nothing on installation what so ever. Just wondering
> why that is.

no clue. Maybe because a browser it not a big deal, regardless
whether it is Windows or Linux?

> Also I thought that Firefox came out of the Linux world so to
> say. But that appears not to be true.
> I really like to get a Linux machine that will do all the
> tricks I want while serving, pdf's, doc's ppt's, sound
> formats, image formats etc etc. This is what I have with here
> Netscape7.2 on my windows machines I never have used Explorer
> on the WEB.

Great. Linux can do all these things, mostly out of the box,
sometimes after a bit of install work, just like it is on

Nevertheless, out of my curiosity: If you are happy with what
you have, why do you consider to change?
> Here is the "flame" part. I would think that if Ubuntu is or
> were such a replacement for XP or even Win98 that I am still
> using here, these capabilities would be part of Ubuntu or
> would be easy to add or integrate?

They are, and just to set the record straight. 
While you can have all this and much more on Linux, for free, I
do not recall that win 98 or win XP came with all these features
preinstalled. Instead, if my memory serves me correctly, most of
them are options that you need to pay for, seriously.

With ubuntu you do not pay anything. Instead you get free
support, e.g. via this mailing list. And you pay with ellbow
grease and your openness to learn. 

Again, this is not to
frighten you, it is very easy and most of it comes right out of
the box.
> My computer here, dedicated for Linux, is a P4 with 256 MB at
> the moment, will get 512 or even 1024. It works fine with
> Konqueror.
> Kubuntu, the for free CD installed in 20 minutes or so.
Not bad, isn't it? ;-))


> Looking forward to your reply.

Looking forward to get questions from you

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