Screen resoluton

Tom Lovelace telovelace at
Thu Sep 21 14:57:02 UTC 2006

 From reading the posts on this great forum, I managed to open the  
Xorg.conf file.
It has all of the available resolutions listed under all of the  
different depth sections (1,4,8,15,16,and 24)
All resolutions from the default 640x480, and up to 1280x1024, are  
listed in each depth section.
The Monitor (SyncMaster ) and the video card (NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX is  
also identified in this document.
Then I located the package (NVIDIA-glx) identified as an updated  
driver and installed it.
I could have never managed all of this without inputs from this forum!
HOWEVER- I am still stuck with this miserable 640x480 resolution!
The Screen Resolution Preference window lists only 640x480, and will  
not allow changes to be made.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

On Sep 20, 2006, at 10:26 PM, NoOp wrote:

Tom Lovelace wrote:
> My original install of Ubuntu set itself at a default screen
> resolution of 640 X 480.
> The preferences panel has no other resolution offered .
> How can I remedy this? I usually run at 1024 x 768.
> thanks

This occurs if x11 can't find a suitable monitor.

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