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Thu Sep 21 10:23:21 UTC 2006

On Wed, 20 Sep 2006 22:17:26 +0100 marc <gmane at> wrote:
> Marius Gedminas said...
> > Here: (somewhat similar)
> > (somewhat similar)
> > (exactly the same)
> Those links all return "Invalid Bug ID" here, but I'll take your word 
> for it.

It looks like your mail program got confused by MIME encoding.  Replace
'=3D' with a simple '=' in the links above and they should work.
> In the meantime, Gnome is useless in its current state here, so I'll 
> continue using KDE.

That's a bit harsh, but perhaps true for you.
> I'm trying very hard to use Gnome, but it has too many shortcomings to 
> be usable, imo. This problem is clearly a design oversight, but others 
> seem to be self-inflicted.

Sure, different people have different tastes.  GNOME is almost perfect for
me, and I hope you will find a desktop that is perfect for you.

Marius Gedminas
Did you hear that the author of _Nitpicking for Dummies_ has just
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