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Jaime Davila jdavila at
Wed Sep 20 20:29:02 UTC 2006

Anthony Yarusso wrote:
> Artur Boicu wrote:
>> Dear friends,
>> What should I do if i do not have the image when projecting from Ubuntu using an LCD projector?
>> Thanks,
>> Arthur
> As Jaime Davila said, it's likely a matter of a function key.  I did
> this for the first time a few weeks ago, using an IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad,
> and it was Fn+F7.  Note that you may need to a) wait a few seconds after
> the keypress for the change to take effect, b) press it a few times, as
> it cycles through a few display options (for me showing only on the
> computer screen, showing only on the projector, and showing on both
> screens), and c) making sure the projector is set to stay looking for a
> signal from a connected computer.  If it is cycling looking for any kind
> of connection it may have a very difficult time finding your computer in
> any satisfactory time frame.

I got a response to my original reply from Artur Boicu. My reply 
bounced. But just in case he's still reading the thread here, or in case 
  someone else finds it useful, here's my reply to his reply of my reply ;-)

Hopefully it is not completely unethical, immoral, and/or illegal for me 
to post his personal reply to me.

>> I am currently using a laptop, that has an NVIDIA card. Usually I press
>> Fn+F8 to connect the projector, but it doesn't work under Ubuntu. WHen I
>> turn on the laptop it shows me the right image, but when Ubuntu starts
>> up, it shows me lines and lines and that's all.
>> What should I do now?
>> Respectfully,
>> Arthur
> Let me make sure I understand. You connect the laptop to a projector,
> and turn the machine on. While it's booting up, you see the boot up
> image & text on the projector OK, but when ubuntu finishes booting up
> you only see some "trash" lines. Is that right?
> If that's the case, it looks to me like you might have a problem with
> the configuration of your x-server. When you're getting garbage on the
> projector, do you get anything on the laptop's screen? How about if you
> press fn-f8 again? In many laptops that causes both the laptop screen
> and the project to be on. I'm wondering if at any point you can see
> garbage on the projector but a good image on the screen. If you boot up
> without a projector attached, can you use ubuntu on your laptop by itself?
> Sorry for all the questions. I just want to make sure I understand all
> of the symptoms, since they'll point towards where to look next.
> Is this a dual-boot machine? That is, does it also have windows
> installed on it? If you do, it would help to know what happens if you
> boot into windows and try to use the projector.


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