LCD projection in UBUNTU

ac "aec$news" at
Wed Sep 20 08:37:36 UTC 2006

Anthony Yarusso wrote:
> Artur Boicu wrote:
>> Dear friends,
>> What should I do if i do not have the image when projecting from Ubuntu using an LCD projector?
>> Thanks,
>> Arthur
> As Jaime Davila said, it's likely a matter of a function key.  I did
> this for the first time a few weeks ago, using an IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad,
> and it was Fn+F7.  Note that you may need to a) wait a few seconds after
> the keypress for the change to take effect, b) press it a few times, as
> it cycles through a few display options (for me showing only on the
> computer screen, showing only on the projector, and showing on both
> screens), and c) making sure the projector is set to stay looking for a
> signal from a connected computer.  If it is cycling looking for any kind
> of connection it may have a very difficult time finding your computer in
> any satisfactory time frame.

In a dell laptop I have it is fn F8 to switch to external display

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