Problem with installation

Clive Menzies clive at
Tue Sep 19 15:58:01 UTC 2006

Priyesh Yerne wrote:
> Hi
> I was trying to install ububntu. I already have two OS installed on my 
> system XP and RHEL4. During installation the power went off.
> Now i am getting only the grub promt. Please suggest the workaround.
> thanks in advance
> Priyesh
If you can boot from a live CD and locate the kernel in /boot then you 
can boot manually from a grub prompt with something like:

 > root (hd0,0)

 > kernel /vmlinuz root=/dev/hdaX  ro           (where 'X' = ubuntu root 

 > initrd /initrd.img

 > boot

Check out



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