Can I run MS Word XP from Ubuntu

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Mon Sep 18 14:22:22 UTC 2006

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On Mon, 18 Sep 2006 13:26:24 +0100
Saurabh Moghe <moghe.saurabh at> wrote:

> > Hi,
> > I think I will go for Crossover as the task is urgent.
> > Thanks for the help.
> > Saurabh.  
> Hi,
> You're wellcome. 
> For what it is worth, tired of fumbling endlessly with
> the 03 viewers from Microsoft, I just installed the MS-Office
> 97 viewers for excel, powerpoint and word on my wine computer.
> Did not take one minute for each install.
> And I have yet to find a .doc, .xls or .ppt that they cannot
> display in "the correct Microsoft Way" ;-)
> This, in combination with OOorg 2.3 offers the possibility to
> do anything office related in Linux, at least for me. ;-)
> regards
> Eberhard
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> Hi,
> Actually I have the MS Word docs that have a template and
> header and footer. It also has an index. I don't have any
> problem reading through the doc. The problem arrises when I
> have to write to the doc. The index  has links to the exact
> page. those links are damaged. I can't change the text in the
> header and footer.
> Saurabh.

ok then the viewers might be a soltion, but do not fit to your
problem ;-)

If you have it available, you could, lastly, install office 97
(without access). This should install rather painlessly.

Alternatively, word 2k works well, too. I am currently
unsure about excel2k and Powerpoint 2k, but they shjould work,
as well.

Anyway, those require more work, mainly because you have to
install IE before the Office apps, since newer Office versions
depend on IE to display their html-help. 

At least these are Apps
that I had installed successfully with wine.

so all_in_all, crossover does not seem to be the worst of
things to buy ;-))


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