Can I run MS Word XP from Ubuntu Dapper (KDE)

Alan McKinnon alan at
Mon Sep 18 09:21:22 UTC 2006

On Monday 18 September 2006 10:54, Saurabh Moghe wrote:
> Hi,
> When I myself have to write word documents I use openoffice.
> But I have some documents which require MS Word. The
> indentation is lost and this makes it tedious to read or edit
> the docs in Openoffice. I read some where that we can launch
> MS word in linux using wine. I tried that but it did not
> work. I personally use Openoffice. The docs that I have are
> not written by me and moreover it is to big to rewrite it
> again.
> So could you please help me.
> Saurabh.

Which version of OpenOffice are you using? 1.1 didn;t do word 
layouts very well, but 2.0 and better are much improved. It's 
actually quite rare to have a .doc that doesn't look mostly 
right these days in OOo 2

Wine is in a constant state of flux, and getting MS Office to 
first install then actually run is a major pita. It is NOT a 
case of popping in a CD and watching everything JustWork(tm).

The question you asked shows that you are not familiar with wine 
itself yet. Nothing wrong with that, but you need to be aware 
of what it takes to get Office running - constant tinkering and 
much frustration. If you really really need Office right now, 
do yourself a favour and buy a CrossOver license. Don't see it 
as proprietary software, the CrossOver guys pump large amounts 
of dev work back into wine, so by buying a license you are 
actually funding Open Source development.


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