Ubuntu and WinXP

squareyes squareyes at internode.on.net
Mon Sep 18 02:34:03 UTC 2006

Hi all,
I am at present trying to extol the virtues to a neighbour (new to 
Computers) who uses WinXP.
He has just setup an Internet connection and has run foul of Adware, 
that his Virus checker finds but will not remove.

My question is  ;  Is there anyway I can use the Live Ubuntu CD to 
remove it? I have tried, and have managed to remove 1 (an .exe), but the 
other will not, letting me know that the file is "Read Only",
it's a .dll.  Have tried Knoppix with same result. If it can be done it 
should be something that will impress him as to the virtues of Ubuntu 
:-) Word is gradually getting around this small town.

Thanks in advance.
Take Care

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