Ubuntu and WinXP

Ouattara Oumar Aziz wattazoum at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 12:08:46 UTC 2006

> Hi all,
> I am at present trying to extol the virtues to a neighbour (new to 
> Computers) who uses WinXP.
> He has just setup an Internet connection and has run foul of Adware, 
> that his Virus checker finds but will not remove.

which Virus/Spiware remover does he use ? He may not need a Virus 
checker but a spyware remover (if the thing he want to deal with is an 
Adware) . Let him have a look at that 
http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/ which works great in most cases

> My question is  ;  Is there anyway I can use the Live Ubuntu CD to 
> remove it? I have tried, and have managed to remove 1 (an .exe), but the 
> other will not, letting me know that the file is "Read Only",
> it's a .dll.  

I think that Linux doesn't care if it a dll or not. Linux can suppress 
anything it wants ( and if it has corresponding file access right ). You 
mentioned that the file was in "Read Only" mode. But you also mentioned 
you have succeeded in suppressing on file. I am a little bit confused : 
what is your friend file system (FAT32 or NTFS).

Case in FAT 32 :
modify the corresponding line in */etc/fstab* and add in the options 
part : *umask=0*, which will give you all rights on the file system
Then : sudo umount /dev/<the_partition> && sudo mount /dev/<the_partition>

Case in NTFS :
(I don't think it will be Ubuntu that will impress him but you. :)
That will be more difficult since the ntfs write capability is not 
available on the Live CD. Then I suggest we use an USB Key (512Mo). Make 
a server installation on the usb key (if you are able to make a tinier 
installation, just let me know, I am interested) and then install ntfs-3g .
** Try to make the computer boot on the usb key and then, mount the disk 
using ntfs-3g /dev/<the_partition> /<mount point> . Then remove the file 
  (if you don't have the write right, add at the mount line "-o umask=0".
** If the bios doesn't allow boot from USB, We will use the Live CD 
combined with the USB... (If you are in that case, tell me here and I 
will give you the way I do that. I have to stop here cause I got a train 
to take.

Good luck

PS : anyone is welcome to tell if I am making a great mistake by 
suggesting that.

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