add cd repo source to ubuntu 5.10

Dimitri Mallis dimitri.mallis at
Sun Sep 17 14:16:45 UTC 2006

thanks for all the input. i managed to add the cd easily

 as Gabriel explained, i cant do what i want to do. what i want to do is say
something like this, unplug the network cable

apt-get dist-upgrade

so that it will only use the cd as a source, but that didnt work, so i want
to know if i can setup rsync so that one pc gets a dist-upgrade & all other
upgrades & paceages get downloaded from the net (my pc) & then the other 4
pc's on the network will get all there files from my pc first instread of
redownload from the net

i know i should probably start a new thread for this, but have any of you
sucsessfully set something like this up? i have googled rsync & found a lot
of how-to's but im not 100% sure they were what i wanted. is there a good
site with this example that i missed?

any help
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