add cd repo source to ubuntu 5.10

Gabriel M Dragffy dragffy at
Sun Sep 17 12:33:09 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-09-17 at 12:11 +0200, Dimitri Mallis wrote:
> hi all
> i have a easy question. my dads pc is old & the dapper ship it cd's
> require more hardware to complete the install. so i installed 5.10 &
> now i want to add the 6.06 cd as a source so i can do the upgrade like
> that 
> what would be the line i need to insert in2 the source list
> thanks


You can use the 6.06 CD as a source for packages BUT only the ALTERNATE
cd the desktop won't work how you want it to. Unfortunately if you got
your CD via shipit you would have received a desktop CD, which is good
but not for what you want. Make sure you downloaded the alternate CD

Like Thilo Six said, if you pop the cd in while running gnome it should
ask if you want to add the CD as a source for packages. Otherwise you
can enter a terminal and type:

$	sudo apt-cdrom add

It'll ask you to insert the cd yada yada yada.

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