Three Linux Operating Systems in One Computer (Is it possible?)

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On 06/09/16 10:59 (GMT-0700) Felipe Alfaro Solana apparently typed:

> On 06/09/16 19:20 (GMT+0530) Arjun Shankar apparently typed:

>> IMO, you can even share the home directory for all distros. I dont
>> think it will cause any trouble. Make a seperate partition, and mount
>> it as /home for all.

> This could be a problem and I wound't do that exactly. Unless you are
> using two Linux distributions:

> - running exactly the same version of desktop environment (i.e. GNOME 2.16)

> or

> - running different desktop environments (i.e. KDE and GNOME)

> Sharing configuration files between two Linux distributions can make
> programs crash or behave badly.

> What I would do, instead is setting up symlinks to common data, like
> documents, bookmarks and music, and keep configuration files
> separated.

A way to facilitate prevention of settings corruption is to use
different user logins for the different distros, and put each in a
common group, along with proper permissions and umasking to ensure the
desired access. Then there's no reason for separate homes.

Separate homes can make keeping track of where you put things quite
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