How to reinstall *everything*?

Scott Kitterman scott at
Sat Sep 16 20:09:13 UTC 2006

On Saturday 16 September 2006 15:49, Alexander Skwar wrote:

> Would it? I'd need to backup all the configuration files, so
> that I can use them after a new installation. This doesn't seem
> to be easier, IMO.

If in fact your problem is related to the installation of one of your current 
packages, the problem is most likely in one of the configuration files.  
Re-using the current configuration files would most likely just re-install 
your problem.

I haven't been following this thread very closely, so I don't have any good 
recommendations on what to do, but if you think you need to re-install, take 
care not to re-install your problem with the old configs.

Scott K

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