bug in gnuCash (ubuntu edgy)

Scott J. Henson shenson at mix.wvu.edu
Fri Sep 15 20:53:55 UTC 2006

email.listen at googlemail.com wrote:
> Am Fri, 15. September 2006 10:06 schrieb Brendon:
>> i all have a bug in gnucash under edgy  the latest build of gnucash
>> from the edgy repos,  the  file selector (save file load file) keeps
>> crashing the system  when i go to save my file gnucash  ends up
>> crashing,  filed a bug report on launchpad,  but has anyone else had the
>> same problem?
> May be it's because most people use GNUCash from 
> aqbanking.alioth.debian.org? ;)

I don't, I use the edgy packages with a little hack to make
the error go away.

> So thats what most all people who need HBCI for secure online banking do here 
> in Europe .

I would think that this would be a feature we would want in
edgy.  Can you maybe file a bug and ask for a sync of this
into edgy?  I'm sure it would help people and you wouldn't
have to worry about installing stuff compiled for Debian

Scott Henson
LCSEE Systems Staff
WVU MAE Undergraduate
Ubuntu User

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