bug in gnuCash (ubuntu edgy)

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Fri Sep 15 10:51:01 UTC 2006

Am Fri, 15. September 2006 10:06 schrieb Brendon:
> i all have a bug in gnucash under edgy  the latest build of gnucash
> from the edgy repos,  the  file selector (save file load file) keeps
> crashing the system  when i go to save my file gnucash  ends up
> crashing,  filed a bug report on launchpad,  but has anyone else had the
> same problem?
May be it's because most people use GNUCash from 
aqbanking.alioth.debian.org? ;)

So thats what most all people who need HBCI for secure online banking do here 
in Europe .

1) Add
 deb http://aqbanking.alioth.debian.org/debian/ unstable/
to your /etc/apt/sources.list file

2) Then edit /etc/apt/preferences (may be you have to create it) and add what 
is listed between my cut marks (---8<---)
  ---8<---    /etc/apt/preferences    ---8<---
   Package: gnucash*
   Pin: origin "aqbanking.alioth.debian.org"
   Pin-Priority: 900
   ---8<--- ---8<--- ---8<--- ---8<--- ---8<---

3) remove the installed gnucash and do an 
 apt-get update

3) Synptic should offer all gnucash and gnucash related files now for 
installation via
apt-get install gnucash gnucash-common gnucash-hbci


>   http://www.freewebs.com/wlcs/
You should check your contact link http://www.freewebs.com/wlcs/contact 
refered in the last chapter on this page. It should be 
And don't forgorget to add the international phone code for NZ ;-)

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