edgy: firefox/epiphany ssl issues

Scott geekboy at angrykeyboarder.com
Fri Sep 15 20:16:46 UTC 2006

Constantine Evans wrote:
> Scott wrote:
>> But just for the heck of it, try this.
>> 	sudo apt-get install mozilla-psm
>> Then log out of X and log back in and see if that helps.
>> If it doesn't then I guess I just got lucky and it started working all 
>> by itself.  ;-)
 > I've tried this, and it didn't work. It used to be that Firefox required
 > Mozilla and Mozilla-psm, but that is long since past. Firefox no longer
 > uses Mozilla-psm.

You're right. I was mistaken. It did work momentarily, but then 
everything returned to what it was.   Firefox has been giving me all 
kinds of problems lately.  I ope we see Beta 2 in Edgy pretty soon.

I just downloaded it from Mozilla and I'm running it from ~/bin/Firefox 
and it much less buggy.

I'd still like to know why mozilla-psm existed in the first place. I'd 
have thought that was built-in (as it apparently is in Firefox).

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