Zeroconf Service Discovery 0.4.1 in Ubuntu development repository

Miles Lane miles.lane at
Thu Sep 14 00:55:16 UTC 2006


The applet reports:
Apple Airport --> <my airport extreme name>
PDL Printer --> "Epson Stylus Photo R340"
FTP File Transfer --> <My wife's Powerbook name>

The problem is that when I click on one of the items, nothing useful
happens, afaict.

When I click on:
          FTP File Transfer --> <My wife's Powerbook name>,
a browser window opens, but I get a permissions error.
I am wondering why an FTP client doesn't start up and then prompt me
for username/password when it is needed.

Clicking on PDL Printer --> "Epson Stylus Photo R340"
doesn't cause any discernable activity, and neither does
clicking Apple Airport --> <my airport extreme name>.

Is there something I need to do to connect up the selections to useful
The Preferences UI doesn't seem to have any why to map the actions.


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