Questions about Patches.

Joel Bryan Juliano joelbryan.juliano at
Fri Sep 15 01:15:52 UTC 2006


   I have a simple question about patches, that seems like a trivia for me.

1. I am wondering if all patches from previous version will be applied to
the next versions.
For example, there are 10 patches from Hoary in a certain package, will
those patches will also be applied to Dapper, or it's a set of new patches
not related to the Hoary patches.

2. How do you apply alot of patches for a single file? I noticed that when a
package source is grabbed from the repository, the debian/patches/ directory
already contains patch for that single file (i.e. 03_main_c.patch) . How do
I add another patch for that particular file? (i.e 09_another_main_c.patch)

3. I'm sending this to ubuntu-users only, I'm trying to learn some ethics
:-), can I send this to ubuntu-devel too? Oh my gosh, i'm so primitive! hihi
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