gDesklets Question

Robert E. Butts himco2 at
Wed Sep 13 23:31:00 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-09-12 at 16:42 -0700, Simon Skogh wrote:
> What I've heard, most (if not all) of those applets tries to use the
> Yahoo! weather site, but since the release of these desklets, Yahoo!
> has updated the layout on their site, leaving the desklets unable to
> parse the information. I guess you could re-configure it to use
> another website in the source code, but you'd most likely have to
> write a new parser as well. 

Thanks for the reply.  I found the file, and it appears to be a simple
matter of changing a URL.  I went to Yahoo Weather trying to figure out
what the new URL should be, and was unable to get it to work.  Ah,
well ..

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