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David Woyciesjes woyciesjes at sbcglobal.net
Wed Sep 13 18:30:52 UTC 2006

dro0g wrote:
> I did some searching on this as well since it bugs the hell out of me. I
> found some snippy Usenet posts by one of the Evolution devs explaining
> how putting the signature above the text you're replying to isn't the
> CorrectWay(tm) so that's why you can't do it. (it's a historical thing
> - sigs used to have two dashes above them so that they would be
> stripped out by mail/news clients since people used to have ridiculous
> signatures so if you put the signature above the reply text, the reply
> text will get stripped out too)
> of course that affects about 5 nerds still using mutt on a sunOS box
> someplace and all leaves all of us trying to use Evo to replace Lookout
> hitting an Exchange server SOL.

    Not only would putting you signature above the quoted text your replying to be not the proper way, it would look damn silly, and be very annoying to everyone else.
    No, it's not a historical thing; sigs did not use to have the 2 dashes. They still do, like yours does. And my email program, Thunderbird, shaded all the text after the first pair of dashes, since it's just a signature and not relevant to the discussion. And when I hit reply, it very nicley stripped it out too.
    I just don't see the problem with that.

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