Edgy - Firefox import bookmarks,html

Paul Thompson ubantu001 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 00:12:24 UTC 2006


I have just installed Edgy knot2 after a bit of initial installation
fun on a AMD64 4400+ X2 dual core machine.

What I have tried to do so far is working fine. However Firefox (2RC1)
bookmarks manager appears to be broke when it comes to importing
bookmarks. It just claims to see no bookmark.html file (which is in my
home dir) when I try to import the bookmarks from my laptop (Dapper).
I tried just replacing bookmarks.html in the
home/.mozilla/firefox..... dict. but it just over writes what ever I
put in there when I restart firefox. Is there a way that I can fix

Thanks in advance,

Paul Thompson

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