Eratic mouse behaviour

Gavin Lewandowski gavin at
Tue Sep 12 18:59:30 UTC 2006

Hi All,

I have an issue on my box regarding mouse behaviour in X after the 
machine has been idle for a while.

I'm using 6.06 LTS, with an nVIDIA based graphics card (I am using the 
nVIDIA drivers) the Logitech wireless mouse/keyboard are fed through a 
Belkin Omni View Pro 4-port which claims its Linux compatible.

Once the machine has been left for a while and I wish to come back to 
use it , after deactivating the sleep mode the mouse pointer jumps all 
over the screen and even signals that buttons have been pressed 
(dialogue box's popup).

Is this a known issue with X or gnome?. I'm considering turning off 
power saving as it's a chore to have to reboot all the time to get a 
working machine.

Thanks for any advice,


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