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Oscar Veloz oveloz at glasfloss.com
Tue Sep 12 18:38:14 UTC 2006

Ok, my network is protected against such as far as I know.  What you're
saying is that before attempting to set up a production postfix machine,
that I should be at the point where I don't need to ask questions?  Your
logic is silly, really.  Perhaps, if you are concerned about me being an
open relay, comment that to me, suggest I take steps or whatever but
stop being bitter about things, or at least if you can't take the spam
anymore change careers or stop using email.  Spam is a problem this is
why I am experimenting with different ways to combat it, but I don't
lose sleep over it.  One of our customers is an open relay, so I took
measure against it and called their IT department (much bigger than our
by the way), but I'm not mad at them, and no, I don't think their mail
admin should be flipping burgers because of it either.  If some guy out
there right this minute is setting up an exchange server that is the
biggest spam relay in the world because he is not an Exchange MVP, well
then so be it.  I won't lose sleep because there are things in place in
this world to combat the existence of such situations.  Look at the
bright side, if it weren't for things like spam supreme knowers of all
things like perhaps yourself might not be appreciated or needed (job
security?).  I say the world needs bitter supreme oracles (maybe like
yourself) and people getting there, it's all a part of evolution.  

Did you know about this?


See I taught you something, you owe me so what is your skill set, I have
a PHP/MySQL question now because I don't know much about that either.
I'm working on the question and will post later if I can't figure it
out.Stay tuned.

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On Tuesday 12 September 2006 10:30, Oscar Veloz wrote:
> To be honest I currently have a working mail gateway that runs dapper,
> mailscanner, mailwatch.  It was done with a walkthrough and a lot of
> fumbling around.  Postfix , to me anyhow, is an immense subject.  I
> bought the book but have not read yet.  What I am trying to do is
> improve my understanding of how these things work.  Thanks, Tom.


If people seem somewhat abrupt, it is because an incorrectly
configured mail server can be a spam relay which can be used
to attack millions of victims per day.

It's OK to experiment in a protected network but you really
need to know what you're doing before you put a mail server

--Mike Bird

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