Complaint: large attachments (was Re: browser fonts )

Alan McKinnon alan at
Mon Sep 11 10:14:51 UTC 2006

On Monday 11 September 2006 12:04, Daniel Goldsmith wrote:
> On 9/11/06, Alexander Skwar <listen at> 
> > That said, I agree to everything you said. Actually, I'd
> > think it would be good, if *NO* attachments at all were
> > allowed, which would also save us from those pesty HTML
> > mails.
> That's a fantastic idea - the level of html-containing mail I
> receive on ubuntu-users is higher than the level I receive on
> all my other linux/technical mailing lists combined.

Or configure the list server to bounce all HTML mail. In case 
anyone is scared this will scare away potential new recruits, 
consider this: the flaming they get from other human users when 
they actually do it is many times worse than the gentle chiding 
the mail server can be configured to send.


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