howmany partitions per disk possible?

Thilo Six T.Six at
Sun Sep 10 21:42:14 UTC 2006

Alexander Skwar wrote the following on 10.09.2006 23:21:


> Yep. Can't have more than 15 partitions on "SCSI". With
> IDE, you can use up to 63 partitions.

the world is soo unfair.  :(    ;)

>>>> Any ideas howto make the end of disk available?
>>> Dump the outdated old-style partitioning and start using LVM.
>> Well since it seems it is my only chance ... is there a possibilty to
>> make a mixed setup.
> Certainly.

good news.

>> I would like to stay with current running system (without LVM) and
>> additionaly use LVM only to setup the rest of disk?
> Yep. You'd need to remove one of the existing partitions, though.
> You'd then use this partition number to be your "Physical Volume" (PV)
> which will be used to create a "Volume Group" (VG) and in this
> VG you'll create as many Logical Volumes (LV, partition, if you
> like) as needed. The partition would span the whole available space.

that´s no problem, cause the 16th partition is unused yet.
So i will recreate it as the whole rest of the disk.

>> is there an easy-LVM-howto for beginners?
> I only know of one LVM howto and that's an excellent one.
> See <>.

oki doki i will put my teeth in there

>>> Alexander Skwar
>> Thanks for the info
> You're welcome.
> Alexander "LVM rulez!elf!" Skwar :)

thx Thilo
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