update and add new program problems with Ubuntu 6.06

Stephen Hawkins ng0g at mchsi.com
Sun Sep 10 11:48:35 UTC 2006


I backed out to Breezy Badger and update works perfectly.  Back to Drapper 
Drake and I cannot update at all.  I even down loaded  Drapper Drake 6.06.1 
and it won't update either.  


On Tuesday 05 September 2006 07:38, Stephen Hawkins wrote:
> Gang,
> After reinstalling 3 times with 3 of the 5 CD's that came in the mail from
> Ubuntu a couple of days ago. I have more closely defined the problem.
> During the install a message comes up implying that the install program
> cannot get to "security updates".  After the install you cannot update or
> add new programs using any of the built in techniques.
> Update manager says that there are 116 updates that need to be installed.
> (which I find odd considering that these are the latest and greatest and
> just came in the mail).  When you tell it to go ahead and download and
> install the updates, the download fails with the message that the
> connection to fails.  I can ping that IP with no problems, I
> can use firefox to go there with no problems.  I have used this computer
> with several previous releases of Ubuntu and never had a problem.  I am
> starting to believe that there is something wrong with the update software
> or the server.
> I even reinstalled the previous version and used update manager with it. 
> It works fine.  But Drapper Drake 6.06 is not able to update.  Everything
> else appears to work fine.
> Steve
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