installing ubuntu 5.10

Tod Merley todbot88 at
Sun Sep 10 08:53:31 UTC 2006

On 9/6/06, alvaro ra� <alvars_83 at> wrote:
> hello...all......
> good day!
> any one who can help me installing ubuntu 5.10? by the way this is my first
> time installing ubuntu and i'am not have enough knowledge regarding linux OS
> command. please send me step by step procedure regarding the installation of
> ububntu 5.10.
> best regards,
> alvaro
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Hi  alvaro ra�!

I assume you are installing from CD?

If so:

1. During your computers Power On Self Test (normal boot) there will
be a message on the screen telling you how to enter "setup".  Follow
it.  On my computer you need to hit the "delete" key when told to on
the screen.  Another one I had you hit the F2 key.  Anyway get into
the CMOS setup screens an look for a parameter which deals with the
"boot order" the machine follows.   After the Power On Self Test part
of the computer boot sequence it looks for a device to "boot" from
which means that the computer will find it's operateing system there.
You need to place the CD ahead of everything else.  A few more things

   A. You will need to have the CD in the compter before you continue
to boot so hopefully you already put it there.

   B. The CD needs to be on the computer IDE bus in a mode your BIOS
will allow it to boot.  Some BIOSs do not care but others boot only
from the Master device on the Primary IDE bus.  I would make the
change in the boot order and look into this if it did not work.

Once the computer boots the install CD you should be able to get there
by followeing the prompts.

Have Fun!


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