Dell 2950 & Ubuntu

reddux10 ulist at
Thu Sep 7 01:25:03 UTC 2006

I'd be really interested to hear an answer to this.

I'm running a dell poweredge using 

The Broadcom NetExtreme II

And I'm having network timeout issues all the time.

I can't believe I've found nothing on the forums about getting the
latest drive for the latest dells servers!

I checked my modinfo for bnx2 and it 1.4.30

I downloaded the rpm from dell for bnx2-1.4.36b-5dkms.noarch.rpm

and I ran alien on it and converted it to .deb, but I'm not sure if is
going to work right during an install.

I'm on a production server so I really can't try it on this server.

If you want I can mail you the deb and you can try it, also I will
probably come back and post my findings after I try this on a dev

bnx2_1.4.36b-6_all.deb thats what it looks like after its been


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