Dana ulist at
Sun Sep 10 04:50:52 UTC 2006

Same thing with Beagle for me. It wasn't finding things even in /home
though it was set to index it. It is running on my laptop so I thought
that maybe it is never on long enough to really get much indexing

I deleted all the search indexes that existed.

Then beagle-shutdown



Then in the system monitor I jacked the beagled process priority up to
maximum and left my laptop on for the day. Now it is working much
better. But there is still weirdness. In /home I have a file named
rrucker. If I search for rrucker I do not get a hit. If I search for
rucker I do. I think it may be true that by default beagle indexes the
metadata. From the command line I tried beagle-qeury title:rrucker but
nothing happens. For no other searches from the command line as well. I
am happy if beagle indexes metadata but I want to be able to search by
file names as well.


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