ubuntu partitions

ac "aec$news" at candt.waitrose.com
Sat Sep 9 16:21:28 UTC 2006

Cheatah 0#@!^ wrote:
> i plan to install ubuntu 6.06 as soon as i get it. At present i have got
> windows xp, i plan to have a dual os boot when i get ubuntu(along with
> xp).i have a 40 gb harddisk, which is divided into 6 partiotions, 4 of
> the partiotions are in use.I have 2 partiotions untouched with a space
> of 2.1gb and 2.7gb. My question is whether ubuntu will automatically
> select these free partiotions while installing or will it have any
> effect on my other partiotions ?

The spare partitions each sound a bit small for a normal distribution.
You might be ok with ubuntu going into the space if you can delete
them both to create a single 4.8gb partitons (?) Ubuntu will not
normally auto select -two- partitions, although it is possible with
some experience to make use of both for the install - root and swap in
the 2.7gb (which will be divided into two more) and say, /home into
the 2.1gb, but this is a bit limited in ways that a single initial 4.8
might not be.

Ubuntu will I think, offer to take a single windows partition machine
and resize and install, or take over the whole hard drive, or, you can
allocate the partitions and mount points manually - this is what I do,
but it is not something I would have been successful with without some
experience, although I am still learning.

Other partitions should not be affected, but be certain to back up all
data first on all partitions! any change of partitions is like heart
surgery and *can* go disastrously wrong, you might loose all data, gone.

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