"NTLDR is missing after" (Windows) after installing Ubuntu

Wenzhuo Zhang wenzhuo at zhmail.com
Fri Sep 8 04:34:59 UTC 2006

pmshah wrote:
> I too use Bootitng as my boot manager. How do you prevent grub from
> installing to the mbr & either select lilo or grub to install on the
> installation volume? I never saw the option being offered.

The Desktop CD currently does not offer a chance to choose where to
install Grub. To choose where to install Grub, you'll have to use the
Alternate CD.

However, according to this thread
an advanced options button will be provided somewhere in the graphic

> It simply rewrote the mbr & I had a tense time retrieving all other
> partitions including EMBR.

It also made the "Access IBM" button of ThinkPads much less useful,
because it requires a special MBR to work properly.


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