mannheim ulist at
Thu Sep 7 20:45:32 UTC 2006

You can solve the latex problem as follows.

beagle has no built-in filter for indexing latex or tex files at
present, but you can get beagle to treat the content as ordinary text
(which is good enough for most purposes) and index it as such. To avoid
indexing all the latex commands, you can instruct beagle to filter the
latex files through a command such as "untex", which removes tex
commands leaving something closer to pure text.

So, first grab untex: use Synaptic, or the command-line

> sudo apt-get install untex

Then you need to edit the file /usr/etc/beagle/external-filters.xml to
instruct beagle how to treat files which are of type "text/x-tex" --
i.e tex and latex files. That xml file needs to contain something










(I think you can change "untex" to "cat" if you don't want to bother
with untex.)

You may need to restart beagle after doing this. Furthermore, when I
did this (if I remember right) beagle wasn't smart enough to know that
it needed to go back and re-index all those old latex files that it
looked at in days gone by. So I deleted my whole ~/.beagle directory
and started over.


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