What is top-posting? (was: Re: fire wall & anti-virus? do i really need it)

unksi unksi at kapsi.fi
Thu Sep 7 18:07:17 UTC 2006

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Ok thanks for clarifying, I thought there was something wrong in what I
actually wrote as I have never heard about top-posting before. Will try
to look for a setting in Thunderbird to change it. :)

Adriano Varoli Piazza kirjoitti:
> 2006/9/7, Dimitri Mallis <dimitri.mallis at gmail.com>:
>> great thanks for all the feed back. what is top-posting & who is
>> top-posting?
> Top-posting is replying above the message you're quoting, which for
> some (me included) disrupts the flow of the message and is annoying to
> follow, but easier for the poster to do because many mail clients
> default to it when replying, gmailweb included. In this case, "Unksi"
> was top-posting when replying to your message.
> Bottom-posting is replying below the message you're quoting, it's
> generally recommended, though beware: bottom-posting a short answer to
> a long message without trimming it to highlight the relevant part is
> bad form too: it wastes bandwidth and patience.
> In general, this could lead to a great discussion about the advantages
> of one form or the other, but I think we all agree that, at the very
> least, thinking before sending a message is recommendable.
> In general, googling for netiquette or reading the "rules and
> conditions" of these mailing lists will tell you what is good form
> when writing or replying to them.
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