fire wall & anti-virus? do i really need it

Alexander Skwar listen at
Thu Sep 7 17:41:26 UTC 2006

ยท Dimitri Mallis <dimitri.mallis at>:

> hi all,
> im just wondering if i really need to run a fire wall & anti-virus?

That's simple - no, you don't and that's independent of the
operating system.

> are 
> there any threats for linux/ubuntu users?

Yes. That's why it's of utmost importance to always keep up-to-date.

> are there even any viruses for 
> linux?

No. Unix systems aren't "endangered" by virus, but much more by
attacks against server systems and trojans.

But as long as Windows is so prevelant, the risk is compareatively

> i also have Firestarter installed & have never used it, well actually i
> tried once & it blocked access to my local LAN so i just disabled it
> thoughts?

Firewalls aren't needed - just make sure, that only those servers
run, which are needed and that the system is up-to-date.

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